EGR - EcoGreenRoof: Development of eco-materials for green roofing

Project No. 033728

EGR - EcoGreenRoof: Development of eco-materials for green roofing

Co-financed by the European Union through the ERDF - European Regional Development Fund, within COMPETE 2020 - Portugal 2020 Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program.

Total eligible cost 684,680.29 €

EU financial support € 469,994.97

Self-financing € 214,685.32 Execution

Period From 01-10-2018 to 09-30-2021

Location Portugal Consortium

Lead Promoter: NEOTURF, Lda.

Copromotors: W2V, S.A. CVR - Center for Waste Recovery ITECONS - Research and Technological Development Institute for Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability

The EGR - EcoGreenRoof research project  aims the development of ecological substrates through the selection and use of inorganic and organic based industrial residues for application in green roofs. Formulations will be sought to be tentatively produced exclusively from industrial waste and / or waste treatment materials, either in the inert inorganic part or in the vegetable organic component. The formulations will be developed on a pilot scale, in a facility to be studied, developed and built during the project. The substrates produced will be tested under real conditions by validating them and the inherent production process, as well as obtaining essential data for their commercialization, in the technical, economic and environmental aspects.

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