Knowing more, we will always be better


Water will be the subject of future wars, and people who have resources available freshwater will be rich.
For all these reasons, future and current water management is essential for being a scarce resource.
Irrigation systems contribute significantly to water management, a number are now in operation using wastewater.
On plant water is a limiting factor, the quantity and quality of production achieved.
But, again, is a resource that must be managed well because apart from being scarce, as previously stated, its misuse can result in the objectives of the productions.

Neoturf for having the idea of ​​the importance of the issue, seeks to develop partnerships to achieve answers to many questions unanswered.
To this end he began to develop research protocols with public higher education, the first was conducted with the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), for irrigation of vineyards.
We now know without a shadow of doubt, that watering of the vine is an essential tool for the stability of quality and quantity of production, basic parameters for the stability of the wine business, against a backdrop of strong and increasing competition like this where we live.


Although irrigation is a key technology to achieve the objectives of production, some questions remain concerning the proper use of this tool in different soil and climatic conditions that arise throughout the country
The concerns of producers, to determine: appropriations for irrigation, watering times, caste behaviors, among others, are also part of the objectives of Neoturf, by which, in collaboration with Irricampo, developed with the University of Tras- os-Montes and Alto Douro an irrigation trial protocol, that, and a scientific way, we can soon respond accurately to some of the issues raised.

Neoturf, Inc. thus takes the lead in research, being the only company in the sector to act in the national scene, with agreements signed with Portuguese universities, aware that only knowing more, we will always be better.
Research protocols are part of a broad company policy, which aims at the constant alliance with research so that our customers know they are constantly connected to the future.


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